Conspicuous by its own absence, my plans to create some Dirty Shredits whilst on tour quickly gave way to the demanding schedule of March (tough life etc), so my hard drive is now so backed up with Go PRO files its pretty much turned blue.

Not to worry though, the process to start tickling these out, into Vimeo and then ultimately to your eyeballs has commenced, so expect a gushing flood of shreditness to be coming direct over the next few weeks.

To give it some semblance of order, I’m going chronological on it, so this is a blast back to over a month ago now for Race 1 on tour – The Fox Outlaw Trophy at Bike Buller. Some may recall it was also the scene of the first Maxxis fail, as you’ll note, it was rockier than expected, which also inspires the soundtrack here.

This was a great little run that we got to do 5 times, with the quickest 3 runs counting, Golden format. So, lets get things rolling with this little 3.5 min entree Shredit to kick off the season:

I wasn’t originally going to throw this in, but realised it was the only time on tour that I took vid from multiple angles, so to avoid the onset of chesty monotony, thought it best to throw in a little ‘slice n dice’. This was run 3 and 5 mix mastered up to pretty much bring you the full run down ‘Outlaw’ at Mt Buller.

Definitely check it out if you’re up that way, and yes, that open section in the middle is as fast as fuck…

Watch this space for more coming up, but in the mean time rejoice! The first Shredit is away! 


“Make more you Imperial cunt!”

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