A break from the guest posts today, instead its time for a Mother F Flashback… Back to the brutal majesty of the NZ scenery and leg shredding stage race action from 5 Passes. New photos (thank you Hussler) mean a new perspective, so today is less words and more about the viewage. Let the goodness wash over you:


How Power Pete spent most of 5 Passes: Off the front. Decent view in the background there…

Its hard to get this one all in one screen view, but its pretty cool:


Well, so much for holding the faaaarking wheel…

This shot is about 300m before the end of the final TTT and thus, the end of 5 Passes. Rivet 1 getting a bit ragged and I’m absolutely at the end of my enthusiasm! Big Ben turning the screws massively on the front:


Get that Italian back in line!!

Meanwhile, PP does his best to rip the legs/balls off Rivet 2:


Logan enjoying the motor pacing session

I talked about how bad my TT up Arthurs Pass was (Its a fight between this effort and my Bintan TT for the crown of shittest TT ever), but in this shot it looks like I’m out for a sunday spin. A tad steep as you can see from this angle:


Yes, I was the only person to keep my Merino leg and arm warmers on for the TT… God they feel so good…

This is a great shot… You may recall my story of delivering the perfect lead out, 500m too early. Well, here it is with photo evidence – That’s the actual sprint point finish line, that blurry white dot in the background to the left is DN, blown like a congressman. Took me a good 3 or 4km’s to chase back on:


Whilst I am hating life and filling my brain with negative thoughts, Angus is actually SMILING…

Someone who isn’t smiling… Here is a case study in focused effort, Ruebs smashing it somewhere… Not sure what stage, but may have been from his battle with the BEAST:


Here’s a man that will never make a deal on the road… A true racer

The ice man… Ango won the award for best placement of the helmet sticker, taking to it with a pair of pliers and a blow torch to reduce its dimensions to something much more manageable:


Its business time…

And to finish off the photo essay, a classic shot that pretty much summed up 5 Passes, a couple of Rivet Racers about to attack again, Logan and Angus looking menacing:


We have the numbers… Time to stretch it again

Very weird to think that it was only 3 weeks ago! Bizarre… The count down is on to punching out of the Desert again and back to the BIKES… Hoofuckingray!

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