And so, the lazy blogging and MTB video extravaganza is almost at an end… But not before a double adaption from the place that packs more punch than an evening at Fight Club, yes, the craziness of Craigieburn!

What a mixed emotions location…. the Insane beauty of the scenery, like I am talking brain melting shit, but also a sense of impending dread given it was the last ride of the trip. Add into the mix that crash, which sucked me dry of mojo quicker than you can say “Are those lips real Scarlett?” and then some of the coolest forest single track DH you can find and its pretty clear its a place of contrasts and contradictions.

As this super tight little montage (I ran out of disc space) shows you, its a place of great beauty, but also reasonable danger if you step out of line. Much like dating a model (I presume):

This video is also noteworthy given its the last time my Urge helmet Visor was seen alive… Its now been consigned to destruction and a new Giro Xar has taken its place, a shame as I did like that helmet.

If you can’t get enough of the above montage, then I have also included the whole Luge downhill run here:

Yip, that’s NZ single track at its finest… As much fun as a salad tossing contest with Kate:


I love this salad you prepared for me DN…

And, for those that just like to watch carnage, here is that crash again in all its gory glory:

Usual disclaimer – I cannot be sued for motion sickness and if the video won’t play, then upgrade your shit old computer, or if you want to save cash, click on the ‘Vimeo’ link on the bottom right to watch it there etc etc.

So there we have it… A video or two for each day of one of the best weeks of Mountain Biking ever. Don’t fret, there is more video in the pipeline, but I have almost emptied the creative video sac, so the movie marathon is running out of steam. Enjoy the weekend taxpayers!

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