This is probably the video post that most people would be interested in, its the full DH day thanks to the sweet Gondola action in Queenstown. For those that were bored yesterday, don’t worry, we’re back to the snappier/snazzier MF Montage format today.

I shot so much feral footage that day that I am going to need to do a sequel at some stage, but to start with here is a good mix of what was an awesome day shredding it up with the M&M show:

Usual disclaimer – I cannot be sued for motion sickness and if the video won’t play, then upgrade your shit old computer, or if you want to save cash, click on the ‘Vimeo’ link on the bottom right to watch it there etc etc.

Bottom line – If you have never been to a bike park and aspire to, then without a doubt this is the place to start. It doesn’t have the shit your pants factor of Whistler, but it still gives you the sweet DH hit you will need in the all you can eat format. Indeed, the perfect Whistler training camp even…

P.S free tip – Best to video the bike park trails after you’ve learned them, so it looks like you’re killing it with all the lines sorted. I did the opposite, overexcited.

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