MORE video they cried! Yes, I have fuuuuck all to blog about in Singapore, so its back to cranking out more dirty video for you. And so, Queenstown was left behind… But the good times were not! Just because we were back in CharChar didn’t mean there wasn’t more Gnar to be had.

And, as you may recall, all the more formidable given that we were now in Mad Markus’ backyard. He had marked out what he referred to as the ‘Primo Loop’ and judging by the footage, he was right – I present you the Mad Markus tour of CharChar Gnar:

Important to note – The soundtrack to this video is the quintessential Pearl Jam song… Why? Well, ChCh happens to be the place where I saw them live once and given they are the best band in the history of music, it seemed fitting to use them for this cut.

Its not a bad edit this one (self assessment) given the multiple angles and cuts, and not to mention rare footage of me going down on the Nun (that joke never gets old, before you hate me its a local Cantab one, I just hi-jacked it).

Usual disclaimer – I cannot be sued for motion sickness and if the video won’t play, then upgrade your shit old computer, or if you want to save cash, click on the ‘Vimeo’ link on the bottom right to watch it there etc etc

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  1. Josie

    Nice Vid James. That terrain in McVicars Forest looks a lot steeper when you are riding it!!


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