The word EPIC is used with alarming regularity these days in cycling… Its getting to the point where it takes a bit for people to actually agree that something is really, well, Epic. I think I have found something that may just qualify and oddly, its road cycling and not MTB related. MTBers may not love today’s post, but its likely to make them go WTF.

When I read the covering info on these two videos, my initial reaction was “Fuck off, that’s not possible”… Ride all the way through the French Alps, 677km’s, in one go, non-stop. Nope, no way. Well, yes way. Someone actually decided to do it. What makes watching this video feel all the more amazing and even personal is the fact that I’ve ridden 5 of the climbs that feature in this video, on separate days and they were fucking hard enough doing it that way, let alone non stop in one go with a whole lot more insanity thrown in.

For anyone who did the Cols Classico in 2012, you will watch this and just probably do as I did, shake your head and mumble ‘fuck‘ and ‘respect‘ a lot. I actually struggled to comprehend how hard this would be watching it. What’s more, he did it all on a Cannondale EVO. Part 1 is here:

Galibier at night?! Fuuuuuck that! It was hard enough in the day time being hunted by the Welsh Assassin. I can’t conceive doing it at night. Part 2 is here, if you’re into riding you may feel compelled to watch it ASAP:

I’m still speechless… Cycling is amazing, these videos are cast iron proof of that. And, right now in northern Europe, Clarso is fucking kicking himself for not making Cols Classico way harder in 2012…

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