Well, that didn’t take long did it? The final in the EuroEnduro video marathon rolling into Rad Roubion for the last warm-up race prior to Trans Provence back in June. Calling it a ‘warm-up’ though perhaps a complete oxymoron given how fucking cold it was that day. But being a meat popsicle on a chairlift was just a hint of what was to come.

When I did the race report I outlined just what a shambles I ended up in… I’m pretty sure this video brings it to life, and also sends an important message about trying to take on the French at their own game AND in their own backyard… Namely: Don’t.

So what does happen when you turn up to some blind French ENDURO racing, in the rain, to take on the locals in a discipline they basically invented? Roll tape to find out…

Hmmmm… To say that I got pumped is a massive understatement. When I wasn’t busy hitting the deck I was getting shredded like cheap confetti by the Frenchie ENDURO tribe and fed to truffle pigs, which is probably more than I deserved given how dreadfully I ‘rode’ all day.

Also worth noting, not a single fist pump in sight, which is definitely the ENDURO Canary in the cave. But, as an optimist would say to me as I mouthed the word ‘cunt‘ back to them:

“Better now than at Trans Provence!”

Technically true, but at the time I couldn’t but help if I was in some deep shit… And I’m not referring to the mud there either. For the record, here was the weather the day after the race… #itneverrainsonaDNmission:


Actually, better never than late in this circumstance

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