And so we cum to the final Dirty EuroEnduro III video from the recent foray to the land of MILF and Honey. Yes, the only Shredit piece missing in this jiggly amateur puzzle was the BIG day outside the bike park with those rad GC’s from Aosta Valley Freeride.

It was one fucking golden day getting to experience a hidden Aosta gem… But I shall let the video do the job today instead of additional word wanking. This is a mandatory day when in Pila, with more epic vistas, golden singletrack, gnar madness and fisting than you can throw 165mm’s of sweet Fox controlled travel at:

Check out that variety top to bottom! And there were dogs and shit as well. Its more than enough to create multiple Instagasims with its endless scenery assault on your senses. The trail through the top forest also pretty handy.

So in summary, if you’re still lucky enough to be in Europe now, then get ON this motherfucker ASAP… If you’re stuck in a glass & concrete coffin surrounded by cunt zombies, then get planning for next EuroSummer. Either way, Pila outside the park is a big hairy must do.

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