Fuck, what an awkward title for a post, but as it turns out, not as awkward as trying to make a shredit out of footage that is 95% covered in water and mud… Yes, finally the actual race footage from the Endurogeddon! Whilst we had been smashed in the face with awesome weather for the previous 2 days, as you’d expect when you race a new bike for the first time, the cycling/weather gods collaborated to give us a solid rain & mud fisting.

What I ended up with was some of the worst footage to work with that I have ever been able to capture. In the end, I left some of it in, just to give you a flavour for what it looked like through my goggles as I tried to race the Goat Farm blind (in all senses of the word). Here we go, popping the ENDURO cherry at the final round of the WA Gravity Enduro series:

You’ll notice a pattern here – Dok taking off, the first 50m of track and then the end… yeah, liberal use of lipstick on the pig there, but a lot better than 8 minutes of having mud flicked in your face (Some Germans may disagree).

Quite glad I produced this shredit prior to becoming a gimp, its one thing to get someone to take dictation who is happy to type ‘cunt’ a lot, its another to find someone willing to wrestle with iMovie and my production OCD’s.

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