Well, not really an Ode as I’m not that creative and also not metro enough to bust out a poem… But, if we take the essence of what an Ode is, I think the general gist of what I’m wanting to achieve is clear:

“An elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual, describing nature intellectually as well as emotionally.”

Last night I said goodbye to an old friend… No, nothing as dramatic like it being a person, but I farewelled the Team Evo that had just ticked over 3 years in the DN stable. Big deal, its just a bike right? Well, I thought so too… I know some Wolf people can treat them as objects and flip them like carbon pancakes to be always consuming the hottest item, but unless I dislike the thing, selling long term bikes always feels a lot harder than it probably should. Either that or I am a giant pussy at risk of ending up on Froome’s couch in some ghastly Happy New Year tweet.

To qualify my stance, it occurred to me last night after the bike departed and the cash was in my hand that the Team Evo and I had been on some pretty amazing and life changing adventures on our 18,571km’s spent together…


Good times

Alpe d’Huez and all the French Alps monuments, Italy including the StelvioMortirolo and that awesome time at Como. Niseko and its amazing riding, UAE and the Desert action, the highest paved road in NZ, All the Asian racing action including Tour of Friendship, multiple Bintan’s and everything else in between and finally, that amazing trip to the Japanese alps where it added the highest paved road in Japan and Mt Fuji to its impressive “We climbed slowly up there” score sheet.

Whilst we had our PF30 Bottom Bracket differences and falling outs, it was a chariot of adventure and performance and I have spent most of today wondering why I sold it, ignoring the obvious fact that I had another black one sitting at home… Its one of those situations where practically has won out over history. Farewell Team Evo, I hope you enjoy your retirement riding at 22kmph around Tampines… I’m off to adjust to life with only one high end Carbon road bike at home and to spend the money on something with ENDURO written on it, hopefully some gloves (whadddacunt).


“Serious Bro, pretty sure there are no more climbs…”


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