With not much going down here in the desert, I have luckily kept something up my Rapha sleeve in order to drip feed goodness onto the Dirty Nomad site until I can get some new riding adventures happening later this week… OH yes, I have a few things in the oven to be brought out soon for your reading pleasure.

In the mean time, I have a buffet of more Spanish video – These two being pretty good in my own vain assessment. I am not talking about the video production as such, but in the first one its all about the awesome scenery, weather and roads, so soak some of this up as Guti and I rode the last 90km’s of stage 18 of the Vuelta a few hours ahead of the race (as per usual, if WordPress and Vimeo hate each others face, just click on the Vimeo link to watch there):

In addition to this, I have also thrown together this motherfucking montage of the entire trip condensed into 6 mins… Snazzy. Most of this footage has never been seen before, so you’re in for a treat! You’ll also note that its most shot on the iPhone, hence questionable quality. I am happy for any donor to send me an iPhone 5s for the next trip to guarantee quality video:

As for the desert update? Its a contrast:

Is it a beach? Or a city?

Is it a beach? Or a city?

I did manage to drag myself to the gym tonight for DREADED intervals on the DREADED spin bike… Yes, I got my HR up, but I was reasonably unimpressed with having to resort to this kind of set up. Don’t worry, plans are afoot for a few unique riding experiences to be ticked off…

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