By now you’re probably watching these French/Italy videos and thinking “Where the fuck is the World Cup?“. Yes, aside from my attempt to slay the DH course, its been nude so far on some actual PRO action. Allow me to correct that starting right now.

I was tempted to do one montage only, but that would not only deprive me of lazy blogging material, but it would also mean you miss out on another amateur edit and PRO porn action. This one dishes up the World Cup DH practice and quail, then throws in an odd cameo of World Cup XC Eliminator at the end. Eliminator? Yes, I know, almost as weird as an open invite cycling club:

Stay tuned for the actual racing action to come… Sadly for you 29er fiends who don’t mind noisy bikes, no XC action… ohhhhh…. #sadcuntface

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