This seems to have taken forever to finally get out, but here it is at last… After the previous rants about watching the race and even a little video about Quali, here we finally are with the race day action! Yes, this may look suspiciously like the Quali video in parts… But I have done my best to keep shit fresh, an oxymoron in its own right.

Sit back and enjoy the amateur movie maker view of the World Cup finals actions and the absolute euphoria of Ratboy becoming World Champ on a bike that you can’t even buy yet, how’s that for a launch party:

To racing of a different, but equally intense kind… This weekend sees the first round of the North Island Trust House Team series in NZ… The Rivet boys have been training HARD through some fucking miserable Welly winter conditions, so a massive Dirty good luck boys! Enjoy the action of racing in a team based format, significantly more fun and a lot cooler than being a club. I think the boys have already won the award for the coolest support car, so Euro right now:


Venga venga

Have an awesome weekend riding and racing everyone… Maximise that shit.

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