Man, all this new bike and XC fever has solidly gotten in the way of all the Euro Dirty videos… But, I know what you want, so its back to La Thuile to continue from where we left off.

Yes, back up to the top chair to hit the other side of the zone and into some more EWS “how the fuck do you race this?” terrain. It was an epic run before lunch and had some amazing sections. At one point I do get a bit of shit on the screen… I considered cutting this out, but it was a super rad part of the trail, so just try and ignore it… As a rule of thumb when watching:

  • If you can see the top tube = Steep
  • If you can see the seat = Fucking steep
  • If the seat hits the camera = Fuck its so steep I may actually die here

Absolutely LOVE this trail and riding… The scenery alone is mental… Enjoy some real mountains:

My La Thuile sac is almost empty, but I have just enough to squeeze out one more scene, so stay tuned for more Italian goodness.

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  1. martin

    Mate,… Love the blog but you gotta ditch vimeo…. completely ruins the blog experience. Hope you read this as your doing a great job but fuck… the vimeo shit has to die eh??

    • dirtynomad

      You’re in the minority of the population that still reads bro… We’re so multi media right now, I have to feed the short attention spans!


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