Didn’t get organised enough for a DRRU and then the F1 got up in my grill, so today I’m just going to bring you some sadness… In relative terms.

Well… At some stage the horrible and terrible had to happen. Yes, it couldn’t go on for ever… The day was inevitably going to come when it was the last shred in Meribel on what was an awesome trip. I had no idea it was going to be an awesome day on the bike and indeed the plan was to only ride the morning.

However, you can’t always plan for radness… Yes, I was ganged up on by English shredders, weather heaven and then the Santa Cruz Syndicate mechanics, a concoction that forced me into having a massively cool day on the bike and one to remember. I ended up blowing my Go PRO load and shooting 42 minutes of footage, which didn’t include the really awesome final run unfortunately, blow out. However, some good highlights rammed in here, look out for these moments in the final Shredit from France:

  • Ex-World Cup racer giving a masterclass on jumping with a bit of style
  • More lovely French trail
  • A lesson in the downsides of the cut line, including how to throw it away and not go over the bars
  • The switchback work out – Including how to blow a corner when you’re fingered
  • Rolling with the mechanics from the coolest race team in the world:

So I am almost empty of Euro Dirty video now… All that awaits taking up more of your time is the traditional final motherfucking MONTAGE. Everyone loves it apparently, so stay tuned for that hot release dropping in the near future.

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