For those that think I’ve been prolonging my Italian fawning just a little too much, even to the point its getting creepy, then good news. Today marks the final squeezing out of the last drops of Italian gnar goodness and the end to POV motion sickness.

Wrapping it all up? None other than Molini of course. I’m still lamenting only spending a day in such a splendid location, but that alone provides a canned excuse to go back in 2017 for more ‘build up’, which as you will see consists of standing on the side of the track getting the giggles at the immense canyon like gap in capability between someone who has mastered the art of rad shredding, and yourself:

Disclaimer – Yeah, I know that shredit was a little on the boring side to be honest, I’ve gone to shit on the whole ‘multiple angles’ thing, but the beauty of the Molini trails are sort of hypnotic and believe it or not, that whole video is all shot on only two trails… Shock fucking horror I know, but a solid reinforcement of how much awesome riding awaits when you show up there.

Euro summer 17 can’t cum soon enough.

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