So, I am going to commit to being a massive lemming here (pretty much every cycling related site on the internet is doing the same) with a lazy post… Mainly as its best to watch this rather than me talking about it. Why lemmings?

"Fuck, I am gagging to jump off here..."... "Me to bro, lets boost it, fuck the others, lets roll"

“Fuck, I am gagging to jump off here…”… “Me to bro, lets boost it, fuck the others, lets roll”

Well – Like lemmings, right now the biggest thing in Mountain Biking is jumping off cliffs in Utah:


Yip – Each year 25 of the most insane/skilled Mountain Bikers with steel nut sacs congregate in Utah for the Red Bull Rampage. If you have never seen or heard of this, then I highly recommend clicking on this link and checking out some simply amazing acts of craziness/bravery and extreme skill (best watched in the highest quality res your connection can manage):

I can’t do it justice here on this site talking about it, but watching these three videos will give you some appreciate for how massive these guys are going! It doesn’t get more epic than this on a Mountain Bike. Massive kudos to Kiwi Kelly McGarry for taking out second, how HUGE was his canyon back flip jump?! I’m not sure how you even prepare your brain to work out how to execute that move, but he clearly has it plugged in! Or, perhaps you need to be fully unplugged to do it?

Any way, its another testament to how incredible and diverse cycling is… Fuck yeah, Jump off cliffs in Utah or ride 3300kms across France in 21 days, either end of the spectrum is epic.

BTW – Believe it or not, but this is Dirty Nomad’s 99th post… Just sayin…

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