With Nationals hysteria now well and truly over, I surfaced on Monday to the realisation that the next fortnight brings a lot of admin and not a lot of riding to get that enthusiastic about. Yes, believe it or not, being a Pro without a contract actually does entail a lot of admin and work, and don’t underestimate how easy it is for me to ram my days with shit (usually a combination of watching videos on Pinkbike and fucking about at the bike shop).

But, this morning I did manage to wake up insanely early (thanks to the NZ timezone I am still programmed for) to head out for a ride. Initial thinking was I wanted to knock off 100km’s for some strange reason, I am not sure why, but you know how it is when a ride idea take root in your brain and you feel compelled to do it regardless of what may make sense.

Well, it took about 1km for common sense to take over from that idea, my post nationals chassis feeling flogged out completely, resulting in a pseudo recovery ride of 50km’s that felt as boring as they come. I did also have to question ‘why’, so clearly motivation in shorter supply this week. The only excitement was coming across an insane traffic jam on Upper BT road that after about 3km’s of weaving in and out of BMW’s I sourced to a massive car crash in a major intersection. It was Volvo vs. Taxi and whilst it was a good ad for Volvo survivability (as you’d expect), the mother F was totally written off, much like the morning traffic behind it…

Yip… this is the best material that I can come up with at the moment, so what is the best thing to do?

Focus on what’s next

Fuelled by a combination of being addicted to moving around and general boredom at the thought of riding my bike in SG, the planning department have been busy finalising a full Dirty Nomad agenda through to November. Obviously in the interests of not blowing out all my material at once, here are some reasonably cryptic images of the next two missions on the horizon:

Apparently a long way and quite hard...

Apparently a long way and quite hard…

Apparently a long way and quite hard also

Apparently a long way and quite hard also

Ok, so I am shit at surprises and the second one is as obvious as a large Paella… They both are totally different, but also quite the same… So should make a good contrast, whilst being complimentary (for me at least).

So with the hub looking decidedly ho hum at the moment its going to be about planning and prep for the next few missions, which I will elaborate on in due course. I am also working on a video from the Welly Wednesday worlds, trying to distill down 40 mins of riding into 5 for a watchable flick proving time consuming and mildly mind numbing.

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