Chances are you’re currently reading this during either a lock down, the slight loosening of a lock down, or in a country with a hardcore border closure still in effect.

Given this, it makes it seem all the more surreal that in this post Cuntvirus19 world, we’ve arrived at the 1 year anniversary of the final Trans Provence ever.

Currently an event like this is an impossibility, and while that hopefully changes over the next 6 to 12 months, looking back now 12 months on, it’s a relief that we all collectively dodged a timing bullet with this race. I’ve also been reflecting on how easy it was to take international travel for granted given the new cunted up world arrayed before us.

We were reminded of this when Ash ran a series of on-line events looking back at all the TP’s ever run, with live commentary and a preview show fully ramming us with memories of how much we were missing out on right now. Watching these and seeing the comments flow forth from the community of comRADes was one of the times during lock down where I genuinely felt the walls closing in.

It was like a part of me was mourning the fact that right now, even if you want to, traveling with your bike and a squad of global GC’s is an impossibility outside of your control. First World MTB problems loom large.

To commemorate this 1 year anniversary of rolling into Camp Zero to reacquaint ourselves with those glorious blue tents, I promised myself over lock down that I would knuckle down in the Shredit Lab, pouring over days of Go PRO and iPhone footage to bring together an incredible documentary of the ‘Last Dance through the Maritime Alps’, such a catchy title for an epic sports documentary too I felt…

But after seeing the production value of some other on-line work, I thought it best to fall back on the endearing nature of awkward amateur content by bundling together all the post stage 60 second Dirty debriefs with The Creator and friends, complete with a full set of Kiwi AF “Ummm’s” and “Ahhhhh’s“, liberally shot in portrait (Sin of all sins) and so unscripted you can almost taste the pain of some of our interview targets… Because… fuck yeah, Authenticity:

If you’re wondering what all the post stage 6 froth was all about, this is one of the only videos I uploaded from the helmet cam all week. The back story that’s really relevant is that The Creator and I found when you mix a bit of 2W and TP together, you find a recipe for some incredible times and a lot of involuntary stoke:

HapTPy Anniversary to the TP alumni, miss you rad cunts and looking forward to whatever reunion can one day be cobbled together when the world reopens.

Special thanks to The Creator and our rad cast of special guests for being the target of these iPhone in your face interviews, especially in the post stage moments where it’s violently the last thing you feel like talking about sometimes.

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