Just when you thought it was safe to return to DN for something other than another MF video, I had to get all lazy on it and basically throw up just one more “here’s one I baked earlier” post. Yes, Gondola day in Queenstown generated so much footage that there was enough for a sequel of those sweet DH trails:

Although, I am now tapped out on footage, so other than the mother of all montages to come at some stage, that’s a wrap on the DNST South Island leg. Perhaps now I can finally start to let go of the goodness and accept that I am back in reality… well, an odd version of reality.


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  1. Timmy

    WTF DN?! You’ve been back in Singers for over a week now and nothing to say? Cwom-on! The trails are dry and there’s a new bakery opening in Holland Village. Plus you get the buzz from riding two-way trails. It’s all good, DN. It’s all good.


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