Relaxing is necessary, but boring… So, in addition to basically chilling and getting massages, there has been a lot of NEW kit and stuff going down all over the show. New kit is cool, even if its not your new kit, just new shit in general is good times. Allow me to elaborate:


“I can lose weight, why can’t you?”

Whilst not ‘new’ per se, the Black Ops Evo has had its final Pre-5 Passes and Tour of Bintan tune up, with a new chain and rear tire going on yesterday… Plus a few other pro tweaks and tidy up items happening at the hands of Jimmy @ T3 in BT.

The result? Riding this bad mofo home from the shop it dawned on me what a total weapon it is. Its never felt this good, ever. Its super tight, light and silent – Everything a bike should be. Even if I have been resembling a turd of late, there is NO excuses on the bike front. Check it out at 6.35kg’s! Freak show and massively UCI illegal, good shit. I super love this bike and it is so cool to ride.

Whilst at T3 I also got to sample the Wolf’s sweet new Mavic Enduro MTB wheels, these are one seriously cool set of hoops and I am sorely tempted. I gave them a very mature Dirty Nomad taste test:


One freaky rim job

Across town and J Stubbs is going BIG with an awesome new Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC build. DN loves Santa Cruz bikes, so this warms the heart – Note J Stubbs prodigious use of DN approved parts, especially the Chris King headset and Hubs, bravo man:


Get it done in style

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, Champsys have gone and freaking delivered our new Cannasia team kit in time for Tour of Bintan! I have strong loyalty and nostalgia for our current kit (all hail the Hawk), but this new stuff feels nice on my soft road riding skin, so I am looking forward to racing in it a few weeks from now after 5 Passes:


Ignore that I am allergic to Clif Bars after an incident on La Plagne in France – New kit looking good

Thanks to Snozza for getting this sorted – Will be good to debut it at the biggest race of the year around these parts.

On the riding front – Its been all about easy like the Ministry of Sounds chilled out sessions, short rides while we await the magical freshness to return. Its slowly coming… Fingers crossed it arrives before next Thursday!!

So, if you’re sitting at work on a Friday and it sucks nuts (90% chance it does), then pop in your headphones and check out the last new thing for today, a highlights video of the Trans Provence race. How awesome is this! Take note of Fabian Barel nailing the corner I crashed on and thought I had broken my wrist, turned out I was just a small cat:

This makes me fever to A) be in France and; B) Go mountain biking ASAP!

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