Let’s start this the appropriate way, even if its not cycling related – FUCK YES ALL BLACKS! Back to Back World Champs, what an awesome way to make history and send off a legendary team. Just goes to show what you can do when you have a rad team vibe.

Turning it back to full ENDURO – After a case study of unconscious bias we move on from the 6 Spain EWS Videos, heading 10 hours and €200 (#peagefingering) to Finale. Thanks to random storms and rules around Go PRO usage, banned on Day 2, there is only 1 Dirty Video from the EWS Final in Finale. Given the Stage 5 melt down, that’s not exactly a bad thing either!

Its the weekend, so indulge in 8.5 minutes of Italian gnar, with a few things to look out on these three stages before we roll tape:

  1. Blowing my load completely on Stage 2, with speed and energy bleeding out of me in a manner that would impress even the retired Chernobyl safety officers
  2. General plot loss on stage 3, finished off with the switchbacks of doom that saw my French passport application cancelled on the spot
  3. I left in the entire lower section of the ‘Mens DH’ which was essentially the last half of Stage 4, for 2 reasons 1) To highlight what a relentless motherfucker it really was 2) To provide a case study on how to ride it like a flogged out amateur. Its a bit like watching the PRO POV version, just in slo-mo…

And so that’s what it looks like to have an ENDURO train run on yo asssss when you get a high quality bunch of shredders behind you. Running out of talent probably didn’t help either, but when you front up to an EWS round you have to be at the utter peak of your powers and if you’re doing back to back rounds, you also need to be all over it on the stamina front.

And yes, I did love the fuck out of that Pizza at the end of Day 1, hence the weird shark grin you see in the header pic.

Just touched down in NZ, so stay tuned for some Dirty hometown shredding to come in the week ahead, its another Haze escape mini mission away from the cHub. BOOM!

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    • Dirty Nomad

      Yo bro, unfortunately not on this trip! North Island constrained, hopefully down your way in the new year. Chur

    • Dirty Nomad

      Thanks dude! Can’t wait to hit some of the welly trails to get up to date on what I’ve been missing out on


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