Well, its been a long time coming… But thanks to the Global Dirty Nomad team (Designed in Niseko, finished off in Wellington), I can present you with the dirtiest T Shirts currently around!

Yes, we like to keep things simple but high quality here, so guess what – Two colour options and some pretty to the point graphics! TA DA:

Perfect for a coffee and a croissant

Perfect for a coffee and a croissant

Perfect for burglaries

Perfect for burglaries

I am so well organised I don’t know how much they cost, nor do I have a clue how I will ship them to people (massive vain assumption there will be demand), but lets not let that get in the way of shameless PR. Firstly, I need to get the low down on what people would think, so, here is a little survey:


We are even so flash that there is a Sizing Chart available! Yes, I don’t cater for 3XL in the survey… But, that may be a hint that its time for some more riding:


Herr Doktor – I am working on the singlet version for you now… I am also painfully aware that these aren’t Rapha, so my apologies, but these are quality garments (http://www.ascolour.co.nz).

Massive thanks to the HAWK and Ango for making these must have for 2014 fashion items a reality. Let the voting begin!

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4 Responses

  1. Josie

    James – neither are feminine enough for your chicky followers. Sorry – its all a bit angular and terminator like for me.


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