Well, today was supposed to be the race report from me about the RAD Crit Series round 2. Yip, I was going to give the low down on all the action from the A Grade race… Showering the post with more fables of suffering, pain, hard racing and (hopefully) some glory about how I helped the team to win via chasing down a break and/or giving a lead out for the sprint win.

Indeed, this is what I had promised yesterday (the report as opposed to the imagined performance)… But I hadn’t counted on being woken to this:

As you'd expect, Orange and Red are BAD...

As you’d expect, Orange and Red are BAD…

Yip, it was pissing itself down massively… With the knowledge that last week the A Grade race was pulled when it started to pour, I thought I would rest for a bit and reassess at 7.30am. Next thing I know, its 9.05am and there is a message on my phone that the race was indeed on and it started in 25 mins…

So, having royally screwed the pooch on that (in no way is that saying linked to any real life animal), I am facing a wasteland on material for today… but I do have one trick up my Rapha sleeve, here’s a little vid I prepared earlier of the Hanazono Hill climb race from last weekend:

Having watched the raw footage, it did take me some considerable effort to mix this up and make it relatively exciting. Main upside is less motion sickness than the Whistler vids! The Go Pro gave out on me, so most of the footage from the first half of the race.

All quiet on the riding front then, nipped out for a couple of hours this arvo with the Alley Cat. It took about 5 mins of those two hours to remind me that I have been ludicrously spoilt riding in Italy and then Japan and that I am extremely grateful to have been able to do so.

Whilst I suffered a lot on them, today made me realise how much I miss hills and no matter what type of bike I am on, elevation is where its at for me!

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