Finally!! Yes, after more Dirty Video foreplay than you can shake a Hub at, its time to actually go racing at EWS Spain. This feels like a long time ago now, but as soon as I started re-watching the footage 50 fucking times to cherry pick only the most delicious morsels for your content consuming fiendishness, it was like I was right back there loving the Spanish radness.

Day 1 of EWS racing in Spain was a tough one, mainly due to a number of self inflicted dramas (Epic Reverb failure aside). Having said that, it was tough within the context of getting to ride some of the best trails all year with rad cunts, so on reflection just more #champagneproblems.

I’ve gone a bit long on this shredit, but as you’ll see, my guilt is offset slightly by struggling to leave out all this rimtastic ZZ singletrack action. Its time to indulge – Tres… Dos… Uno:

You now get to see the speed difference between someone in the top 200 (Tim) and someone not (Me), whilst the results scenario was an eye opening affair, at least getting dissected like a bloated sodomised squirrel was made slightly less painless by how good each stage on day 1 was. That and the #GCcrew that I had the chance to roll with.

And yes… What the actual FUCK with that crash on Stage 1? Embarrassingly it looked more like I tripped over myself whilst trying to get a spare toilet paper roll (completely unconnected to having a wank) rather than some high speed, on the edge of control racing incident.

Right then, back into the Shrediting dungeon to slice together more trail porn for sweaty palms and eager eyes to demolish as we dive head first nude into the content moshpit… Stay tuned for Day 2!

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