I’ve currently got a backlog of posts to try and squeeze out that’s so prolific is would make a constipated Labrador appear regular. As such, I shall make the preamble brief and let the video speak/swear for itself.

And speak for itself it does, mostly in an inappropriate manner… But, assuming you make it through the first 40 seconds of EWS educational moments (which is probably all you need to watch), you’ll then be vaguely rewarded with a stage by stage break down (like a mental one) of EWS Round 1 Rotorua 2017. How fucking cool are stages 4 and 6 just quietly? Excellent times.

Bearing in mind these are all practice antics, as while it worked perfectly over 2 days of practice, my Session 5 lived up to its hype as the cuntiest Go PRO product of all time by imploding come race morning. So, parental advisory recommended here, its off to the slip & slide factory we go. You’ll either want to turn up or mute the sound depending on your preference and location:

So, as you can see, many fucks were given ahead of the biggest day ever… Which, after the weekend in Derby may now be known as the first equal biggest day ever. Yes, EWS Round 2 got another soaking, so fingers crossed that MADeira is the first dry round of the year in 4 weeks time.

Watch this space…

2 Responses

  1. Chazz

    Porch was such a good track from that album and barely seemed to get any airtime…
    I think the chorus of fucks is a well chosen, especially given at six minutes in you get a glimpse of a tire packed with mud.

    • Dirty Nomad

      Roger that Chazz, Porch is massively under rated and deserves more, seemed to fit nicely in there before I reverted to weird fisting German techno. The mud in practice was for rookies, shit went next level on Race day, no footage unfortunately, but it made it look like I had a slick fat bike tire on, a concept which in turn made me vomit in my full face


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