Its taken a while to kick Part 2 of the Finale EWS Shredit action out the door, mainly as I’ve run out of creative bandwidth on the music selection front, but also because I’ve been reflecting on the End of Days kicking off on Tuesday.

Not much point in going on about it, what’s done is done and whilst its surreal, ridiculous, inconceivable, bizarre, tragic (for those sold a massive con) and just straight up a massive cunt circus act that will have epic unintended consequences to come, it did make me realise that the best way to ignore all that fucked up shit is to go for a ride.

Or, if you don’t have access to somewhere as beautifully rad as the Finale trails, then indulge in this video and join me in hoping that we won’t need to know how to speak Russian to ride there next October.

I’m off to procure as many Santa Cruz bikes as I can fit into a storage unit before they become 25% more expensive as collateral damage in an upcoming trade war, or worse – Production is forced to return to the U.S Midwest… No Billy-Bob, you can’t weld carbon… And no, VPP doesn’t stand for “Very Presidential Pussy”, but yes, the whole SC line up is a ’10’, so we understand the desire to grab them by the linkage.

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