So then… Here we go… As is custom, its time to unleash the motion sickness inducing shredit action on your unsuspecting eyes. In a world that craves content endlessly, with people hitting the refresh button on their browsers like junkies, I’m about to deal you up a whole lot of footage that looks like its shot from onboard with a PRO, but set in slow motion the whole time.

Given all I can see on Unsocial Media at the moment is Back to the Future frothing, it seems justified that I can involved as well to flash it back to the EuroEnduro II radness and start the Dirty Video marathon. To get the ball sac rolling, we’re going all the way back to Day 1 in Spain, Pre-EWS action with the rad crew that the Basque MTB boys had assembled for the week.

Disclaimer – I think that the rowdy terrain of the ZZ has once and for all made the business case that clearly a Gimbal is needed for the chest mount, yeah, I tried to cherry pick the best footage here, so there is a lot of radness missing, but as you will see, the Hairy Chesty (or my editing skills) can’t cope with the Spanish gnar factory:

So that then answers the question you’ve ALL been asking about what to get me for Christmas, yes, aside from a new Santa Cruz Bronson and/or Solo, a G3 Gimbal is clearly the go to gift for 2016.

Yes, this was the day another Enve M70 was sent to the slaughterhouse, but regrettably the moment wasn’t captured for posterity, as my gPRO has developed this extra cunty quirk of turning itself off randomly at inopportune moments. In other words, must be time to upgrade to a Hero 4.

If you didn’t throw up your morning coffee, then stay tuned for Part II of the excellent Zona Zero action, followed of course by the EWS destruction racing.

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