Coming into Monday HOT after a massive weekend of firsts… Like, rammed with firsts really… As some astute readers may recall, 2014 got off to a very slow riding start and 2015 seems to have followed that pattern, although that’s mainly down to me being rammed with eye recovery post Lasik.

So, first up in the Firstorama… The First Ride outdoors in 2015 on Saturday AND the First ride with new eyes… Conclusion: Its awesome. Ok, so getting rammed with traffic wasn’t awesome and usually I would have a cats bum mouth after such a ride, but its funny how euphoric you feel and how easy it is to just forget the bad stuff when you finally get back to doing something you love. I even took photos of sections of road I’m not that fond of…


Damn Dirty Apes

So, with those runs on the board, it was time to unleash a much bigger and significantly more important FIRST in 2015… The First MTB ride in a looong time. In fact, probably since the Tallboy Debut in mid October. A few observations from my first real Dirty outing in some time:

  • Mountain biking is fucking awesome
  • I’m not as gimped and shit as I thought I was going to be… Ignoring some arm pump in the gimp limb
  • The new Shimano M200 ENDURO shoes are freakishly awesome, as in, perfect from the first ride and feel like they’ve been on my feet for years
  • I had forgotten how utterly rammed this place is with not only some of the worst riding skills on the best bikes, but generally with some of the worst trail etiquette and manners you’re ever going to find… And yes, weird Ex-Pats riding around with NO helmets on, that includes you… As in, are you cunts for real?! Same goes for all the mofos on fat bikes, news flash: Its not fucking snowing
  • This thing is a weapon… Granted, it was only the second ride on it, but man, its SO good:

Not that this was staged… At all… But I still managed to fuck up the crank positioning… Sigh

Continuing this Random Round up theme of Firsts, how about the first look at the “work in progress” DN ENDURO jersey coming direct. Yeah… Looks suspiciously like the road kit huh, which by the way has been delayed by a few days but should be here this week. So, this is the baseline and its currently being ‘jujjed up’ in an extremely manly way by the Global Design Hawk, not to be confused with the Military Drone with a similar name, but we have a solid baseline and these will be available early Feb… I hope:


Making you more ENDURO than a pair of ENDURO specific socks

Did someone drop the ENDURO word? Fuck, while we’re on the topic (and now everyone is sick of ‘Firsts’), given I’ve declared myself as being #fullenduro, you can imagine my pain and suffering when this e mail popped, or pooped to be more appropriate, into my iFucked e-mail cloud. The prospect of missing this event making me want to smash every single iDevice that this e-mail populated to. The only thing stopping such an iMassacre is the knowledge that I’m safely booked into the next one in Queenstown in March… There’s a massive spoiler!


Gaaaaaaaa… Breath….Gaaaaaaaa etc etc

Speaking of racing… Whilst its #notenduro, great to see the Rivet Racing boys representing over the weekend at the Vets Tour in the Wai, NZ. Can’t believe its been a whole year since that was all going down, some may recall me getting an absolute reaming at this event and whilst I miss rolling with the boys, I didn’t miss that fucking Time Trial, especially when it appears that I would have been the only dude there without either a TT bike or a skin suit:


There’s always one that doesn’t read the memo…

Awesome job by all the boys and in particular Ben who sounded like he was in rampant/rampage mode all weekend, doing the jersey proud with a multiple podium performance! Great work lads.

How about this for a Global DN Network scoop… Tommke is currently the man on the scene in NZ soaking up some sweet summer action (not ragefully jealous at all) when he happens to run into none other than the newly crowned National Champ, JC (#beastmode full time) cruising about. Before you comment on the pic, you try doing 400w on a ‘Recovery Ride’ and taking a pic of a national Champ. Shiiiiiit, with my celeb fever I would have pissed in my Cuore knicks and dropped my phone, so good work Tommke!


That’s a ‘mouth of concentration’ if ever there was one…

On the topic of legends, following up on Fridays #Bromance stalkerfest, the last GC’s standing in SG got together over the weekend to try and fatten up the WA with some Birthday cake. It was all going beautifully, fun, laughs and all the cutlery was perfectly arranged. Alarmingly though, things took a bit of a turn when the WA found out that the candles in the Birthday cake were Castelli and not Rapha… Much to the bemusement of the SPY lurking in the background… Its not a mistake I will ever make again… Fuck it was a long swim back to Singapore… Coated in cooking oil:


“I give you ONE simple task… ONE… Hairy Antipodean”

And finally today, just because we had one last Monday, I thought another reminder was probably due. Yes, Car racks are cunts.

Roof rack

“So… Couple of things…”

Have a good week gang!

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