Hands up who’s sick of getting motion sickness AND staring at my Garmin 500, which looks ridiculously high on the stem mount the more I look at it… Well, if your hand is up, then not good news for you today I’m afraid, as its more of the same in the next DM2 Dirty Shredit.

Last day in Buller, last race of the Bike Buller festival, but only the second time I had hit a legitimate ENDURO race. Granted, I went in feeling pretty empty after the previous two days of riding, but it was still great to bank another race pre-EWS.

So here’s 4 hours (while Snozza waited patiently) of Mt Buller ENDURO racing condensed into under 4 minutes for your succinct viewing pleasure:

Each stage was quite different as it may be noted, not to mention how good stage 5 was, which was definitely a case of the best being saved for last.

As some may recall from the low down that day, it was a race of varying levels of Radness, which fluctuated from stage to stage as per the ENDURO Radness chart outlines well:


Need to smooth out that line

So, that’s a cap put in the Buller shredit action, its time to pack up the editing bags and move south to qTown for something different… Stay tuned!

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