Excuse me for tonights update is brief… But, tis the night before ENDURO World Series Round 1, which is actually even more important than it sounds apparently.

Was I supposed to chill the fuck out all day on Friday and lounge about like Sharon Stone in the 90’s? Yup… Did I give that a quick golden shower? Yup… The boys at BC were all like “Fuck bro, gotta ride stage 5 man“, it doesn’t get much more local than that, so who was I to argue? Off we go to knock off the last two bastards….


Dirty middle stages

Four is relatively straight forward, aside from a bit of pedalling at the top, once into Billy T at the bottom its probably the ‘easiest’ stage of the day…


Stage 4: Could be vomiting by the end

Stage 5? Ah… Well… I will try and be nice about it: Its a total cunt. Well, you know, probably not so much in the dry, but its another plentiful helping of off-camber, rooty and slippery gnar. Its moments like this you wished you lived here:


Constantly on the lean

Dan Atherton mentioned on the way up to the start that it was ‘Fiddly’, which is PRO talk for “Super fucking hard you bovine scum” and he wasn’t wrong. Of course, where it got especially ‘fiddly’, it attracted the Town of Springfield to stand around and all think the same thing:


“Is this dude going to Pin it or Bin it?!!”

Well, Stage 5 put me in the bin alright, but not as bad as the English shredder that came into this section at warp speed on his Nomad, went down hard and somehow managed to not only concuss himself, but snap his Renthal Handlebars in half, which last time I checked, was almost impossible to do… Stage 5 is basically waiting for tired people to arrive tomorrow before it spends the afternoon pulling their wings off or probing people until they cry.

Detracting from a mixed day of practice, you know you’ve gone as full ENDURO as you’re ever going to get when you apply these little stickers all over your bike, literally, there are like 6 of them on there… Chance of me swapping equipment are low, but them the World Series rules:



The best way to spend the afternoon after you’ve brought all the food in town for the race, watch the PRO DH dudes rip the rather scary looking Crankworx DH course to shreds… Pretty much the top 10 of the World Cup DH boys here, so golden to watch them and the top local boys throwing down some big ones:


Keegan Wright sends it

Was massively hoping for a Blenki win, but he was edged out by some French dude that I had a rap with in qTown, still the best style sending it on the final table though…



So, a short one today as I need to go and curl up into a foetal position and rock myself to sleep listen to Metallica and get pumped up to take on the MF World Series! I have no idea when I will be able to get out a meaningful update on tomorrow, but stage 1 starts at 8.01am and stage 7 starts at 3.19pm, so a long one to say the least! I think that there is live coverage of Stage 7 at some stage, so if your Saturday is super boring and you have decent internet, check it here: http://www.crankworx.com

Thanks to everyone for the good luck messages… Its time to flow like nervous shit water and get it done in the EWS! As one of the DN Global Collective said to me:

World class events are a privilege, so enjoy being part of it…


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