23 Days… Not gonna gloss over it, Dirty Mega March was a BIG mission. I’m going to reflect on it more soon, but now that I’m back, taking a break and going through the recovery process that’s dominated by jet lag, time zone adjustment, heat reconditioning and ultimately sickness, it’s occurred to me that its been all about time this year.

Since getting back on the bike on the 16th of December, its been a constant fencing battle with seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. Its felt like no matter which way I looked, time has been standing there giving me the finger, supremely arrogant in the knowledge that it has what I wanted and I was in desperately short supply.

Not only that, but its felt that I was always being challenged or taunted by some sort of deadline or measurement that was competing for space in my mind…

I have to hold this plank for 30 more seconds

I have to stay in Zone 5 for 3 more minutes

The alarm is going at 5.30am

Yoga session starts in 10 minutes and I bet its rammed

I have 6 minutes to get to the ride meet point

I have 2 weeks of decent training time left

Have to get to the bike shop before 7.30pm

It’s a 30 min ride home from here and the Camelbak is empty

I have to be at the airport in 40 minutes

This flight is 7 hours

This stage will take 12 minutes

How long does it take if I go that way again?

Can I fit another lap in before the end of the 6 hour race?

Only have 2 hours to practice this stage?

Need to find some more time through that section

I have 2 minutes to get to the start of stage 2…

How much time do I lose if I take the B Line?

Time, Time and time… Dominating. But, there is only one number that matters now though:

10 Weeks to Trans Provence

The only thing its time for now? To get properly fit… To get ready to roll and to get pumped about heading to France for another awesome mission. I’m at last stoked to have the clock ticking on that, bring it on time, bring it the fuck on.

The only other number worth a mention is 247, which is about how many hours of Go PRO footage I have to wade through for Dirty Mega March, so watch this space as I start to unleash some of the shredit action from all over the show.

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