So this work thing has been going on for almost two weeks now and aside from the bouts of nausea at being in meetings void of agendas, or the sweet stench of BS filling my alert nostrils and setting of a highly trained alert system, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. Plus, the time has gone pretty fast before I punch out of desert HQ and, not before time, back to my Motherfucking bikes!

Its also occurred to me that 99.8% of that time has been spent in air conditioning… Which is not the best circumstance and far from natural. So, with that in mind, and with the need to be outdoors, preferably in mountains of some description, what’s on the long-range forecast?

Well… There happens to be 3 items for the DN Northern Hemisphere Summer Tour currently on the dirty boil and they break down like this:

  1. The first one is BOOKED and confirmed… But is still a secret at this stage (low grade attempt at building suspense)
  2. The second is a strong concept, but with some difficult logistics and yet to be booked. Frown
  3. The last one (so far) is BOOKED to fuck and confirmed beyond belief and yes, its no secret

Shredpocalypse II!!

Yes, the sequel is all locked and loaded and this time in only 6 weeks I shall be sliding the Dirty Demo into the sweet Evoc bike case and surrounding it with protection usually used to transport nuclear weapons to trek (shit bikes) north to the chosen land at the centre of the shred universe.

But, as we know, opening day has already kicked off in Whistler and people are currently there shredding the fuck out of the place (not to mention probably more than a few getting smashed by the mountain). Strongly in the ‘shred category’ is this gentleman, who in under 3 minutes outlines how you do it; assuming you have prodigious talent, balls the size of 2 mini coopers and essentially little to no thoughts around self preservation (best watched in HD setting):

The direct comparisons between that and how I will roll when there are the same helmet (different colour) and we both use the chairlift to get to the top… And that’s about it. Its provided the motivation for me to hit the weights 3 times in a week, holding on to the Dirty Demo front of mind for what is to come.

In the mean time… Its back to the planning Dojo to work out what else is going down, watch this space…

FYI – This was the 269th post. Snigger. Yeah… Fuck that’s lame.

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