YO! Excitement overload… Proving that I am indeed not the Bernie Madoff of cycling kit, yes I have been sweating on this given some people paid on day 1, the wait for the DN Road Kit is finally over! I arrived back at the DN Global Hub HQ today to find a massive BOX rammed full of goodness from those cats at Cuore Australia… and with my usual gusto I tore into that BOX like a madman. I also unpacked all the kit:


“You’re so much hotter in person than you are on the internet!”

How do I say this? I’m FUCKING stoked with the way the gear has come out… I still need design approval and endorsement from the Design Hawk, but I think he is going to be pretty happy with the outcome here, some detailed shots that I give up as an offering to the Design Gods:


“If you get the wrong shade of blue Nomad, swear I will tea bag you next time in the Onsen”

And how does the whole family look? Well, I am yet to do a modelling debut, I was so sweaty with excitement that I didn’t want to soil the gear just yet, but stay tuned in the coming weeks (pun intended) for some rather awkward and staged on bike shots:


Dripping dirtiness… Head to toe…

Possibly the only aspect that people may hate on is the socks, a little shorter than I anticipated, so if you get them and think “I didn’t fucking order Netball socks cunt“, then let me know and we will come to some arrangement, which won’t include them going anywhere near my mouth. Still, length aside (which is a battle no one can win), they are quite nice:


Too long… Too short… I have learned cycling socks are a hiding to nothing

Word is spreading pretty fast and the whole world is getting wet about the arrival of the kit, we’re in danger of looking like a Justin Beaver concert here, I really hadn’t anticipated this kind of reaction to be honest… Shrieking is getting out of hand… Frothing:


“OMFG!!!! The DN Road Kit is here!!! Fuuuuuck! Cancel the final!”

So, now the big question I know you’ll all be asking: When is the Welsh Assassin going to KOM wearing the new gear? I did ask him that, but he was in the middle of 3,750 crunch curls at lunch, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Second big question: When is yours on the MF way! Fair point too… Well, dispatch will commence this Saturday, so I will be in touch with the lucky few with Trace & Trace numbers accordingly, so watch this space. I shall be including some instructions on the kit as well, so whilst our delivery may not be quite as fancy as Rapha, it will at least be authentic.

A massive thanks to the Hawk for the design and to Cuore Australia for the awesome kit! I hope you all enjoy getting Dirty in it as much as I know I’m going to.

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2 Responses

  1. Scott

    Hello, I’m interested in getting one of your DT road jerseys. Do you sell the jersey by itself or need to get the whole kit?

    Just kinda stumbled upon your site and I like it, would love to ride those mountains in Japan!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


    • Dirty Nomad

      Hi Scott, cool that you like the kit… Best to send me an e-mail from the HIT me part of the site and we can go from there: https://www.dirtynomad.com/hit-me/

      Thanks for the high 5, glad you like the Dirty shit going up. Japanese Alps is a must do bro, its awesome riding! Chur.


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