WOAH! Big Friday treat here… As Sienna and I hinted on Monday, this week was really just foreplay before a BIG DN Celeb 40th Birthday hitting us square in the face today, for none other than KOMzilla himself, that’s right, you know it… the man with a penchant for National Titles and who can organise the absolute fuck out of a sock draw… Give up a big Dirty Happy 40th Birthday to the Welsh Assassin! 

You may remember him from such adventures as the Japanese Alps, or the merciless destruction of fools. That’s right, the man that has a total lack of benevolence on a Bicycle. Indeed, as history has proven repeatedly, he does things on a bike that instantly make you want to drown yourself in a bath of your own mediocrity if you’re riding with him. I shall never forget the day he ate up my 3 minute lead on the Galibier, told me to get on his wheel, which lasted for 100m, and then proceeded to put 20 minutes into me in the last 3km’s. Part of my tiny soul is still somewhere on that Col…

Of all the people that I’ve ever ridden with, he’s the one that could have most likely made it as a PRO, especially when you consider his Welsh Junior MTB National title in 1994. Instead, he decided to become a Rapha Model, that is of course when he’s not politely explaining the difference between cooking oil and barnacles. To clear up any confusion, as this happens often, he’s not related to Daniel Craig… One has probably chopped Sienna Miller and the other owns a fast car…


“Fuck, I wish I could pull off that pink blazer…”

Turns out I had so many photos in my WA Bromance Stalker file DN Archive, that yes, as per usual the only way I could do this justice was another… mother… fucking… Birthday… Montage. Colour me predictable! Doesn’t matter if its crushing stage races post an unscheduled tinkle stop, crushing alps KOM’s on multiple continents or personally upsetting cunts by winning XC MTB Races, there is always one common factor: Class


When you don’t mean for your photo collection to be creepy… And then suddenly it is…

Happy Birthday bro! Looking forward to having 2 beers with you, getting totalled and throwing up on your loafers soon.

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