From the land that is pretty much obsessed with building stuff continually, today is about that topic in spades, but at different ends of the spectrum and, with massively contrasting levels of appeal for different groups of cycling fans. And I couldn’t think of anything more witty to write about… Nor is there even enough shit for a DRRU.

First up, the building of form continues… Rest week didn’t feel like a rest week today, with a session that essentially roamed up and down the buffet of pain, taking bits and pieces from all the various sections and then going back for seconds even. That’s about as vague as I can be really… But the timing did provide this dystopian like sun action as we rolled through the calm before the storm:


If I could photoshop out the Scottishporean it would be a flawless team kit outing… Not to mention the lights…

Always keen to interrupt a session of suffering, the Goat unleashed his 5th flat tire in the last 3 Saturdays, he really wanted another double, but couldn’t manage it. The new tires working well then. Note the look on Shaneo’s face as he considers a king hit on the Goat for fucking up his PAIN time:


Don’t lend a man a tire lever when its more fun watching them trying to use their fingers. Note the Grimace as the rage takes over….

To building at the opposite end of the spectrum, I popped in today to oversee construction of the Death Star Dirty Demo and I’m pleased to report that the troops really have doubled their efforts, with it now taking on the semblance of a ripping DH weapon. By the hand of Hussein, behold the progress:


Good commander… the Dok is not as forgiving as I… Pass me the cutters to sort those cables and Cuntstrong bracelet while I’m at it

Speaking of maaaaad Demo’s, at another secret & undisclosed location that isn’t the Crimea, another Demo has been packed up today to start a journey of self discovery. Is this a coincidence? A conspiracy? Collusion even? The dirty jigsaw puzzle of intrigue adds another piece to the board, but what will the final picture look like?


Ready my shredding shuttle!

Yes, today’s post is the equivalent of a “Look what I had for lunch” Fuckbook post, but I am attempting to plough some rather bone dry ground here in the search for noteworthy material. But fear not, there is something on the horizon…

Also, don’t forget… the first real BIG classic of the year is on tomorrow: Milan San Remo, so set the alarm and get busy on securing a spot to watch Sagan put right last years debacle when he let some dude on a shit coloured Trek sit on and steal it at the death.

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