Its taken a little while, but I’ve finally managed to get another Perth ENDURO shredit sorted out and up on-line. Why the delay? Well, I started a little quest to improve video quality which took some time, then there was the small matter of getting totally fucking munted in the third world, which always tends to slow things down a bit.

Ironically, the riding in this vid was significantly higher risk than road racing, not to mention a lot more FUN. Its the full Super Saturday session with the local Perth shred crew, taking us to all the hot spots that we had heard so much about, book ended with ‘Medivac’ and the ‘League of Gentlemen’. You be the judge on whether or not the video is looking sharper:

This cut also happens to contain that famous full superman over the bars action about halfway through, talk about having the Go PRO in the right place at the right time…

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  1. Martin

    Well I’ll be fucked… uploaded straight away.
    Nice vid of kalamunda, where is league of gentlemen??
    Would like to show you guys the trails we ride around Gooralong one day (other side of Jarradale) if your into super knar shit!!
    Thanks for sharing the vid.


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