So… Its been 2 weeks with only 1 ride and my first trip overseas since early June without a bicycle in tow. So, how does that feel?

Well, apart from the ease of navigating through the airport, all the upsides end at that same point. Yes, its been nice to have a break, well, more than nice really – Its been necessary given fatigue levels. With another week away it will end up being essentially 3 weeks off the bike and I genuinely can’t recall the last time that happened to me!

Injuries are starting to come right and the body is thankful of the rest, but I can sense that the mood is starting to be less thankful as a result. For those addicts out there, you will start nodding at this point in recognition of what I am talking about… That little bit of grumpiness that starts to creep in, that feeling of lethargy that starts to permeate, the worry that creeps into the mind when you have a croissant for brekkie 5 days in a row (they are warm and call to me…).

That’s right, its beyond wanting to ride – Its a hard wired need to ride… Its part of every day life, like your base operating software. Some people think its a choice or a hobby or a sport. Nope, afraid not… Its way beyond that. I don’t want to jump balls deep into a whole bunch of cliches here, but suffice to say that after basically an overdose of riding since June, a few weeks away makes you realise how much you simply need to keep doing more and more.

Cycling and life have morphed into one… I don’t mean in a hippy, “I don’t mind being poor as fuck and riding 4 year old chains and cassettes” type of way, but suffice to say it definitely guides lifestyle decision making processes now. So, not being able to ride today, I went for a walk:


What was the childhood analogy about building your house on sand?

Yeah… it was nice to be outside, but it did reinforce my sentiments on walking:

  • You should only walk if its in an XC Mountain bike race and its too slippery or steep to ride
  • Uphill portage in France to a rad downhill is the only other approved reason to walk
  • Men only really walk if they think they’ll get laid out of it… Or out of guilt. Just think about that one girls next time you want to ask your dude out for a walk

With it reconfirmed walking is for farm animals, I decided to hit the lavish Sofitel Nasium here in DN Desert HQ. With some MTB on the horizon somewhere I need to get some coiled steel happening ASAP:


Its either a gym, or equipment used to experiment on mutants…

Well, didn’t take me very long to realise that I am now a FULL T Rex… My road racing chassis not taking kindly to my old ‘Whistler prep 2011’ weights circuit, there is much work to be done to get my MTB strength back:


We will be fully operational Lord Vader

Its now the weekend Globally – So… Expectations are high that a few guest posts will flow in… If you are shit at writing, just e mail me your pics and I will make shit up, which is a DN speciality. Wolf, I have you squarely in the gun sights given you are indeed fully operational on the greatest trail bike known to man:


Behold perfection: Not a single part that isn’t perfect – They call this bike the “Excuse terminator”

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