Its a random round of of eclectic items today, a little cycling buffet with a taste of excess thrown in for good measure.

First up – A quick vid on my favourite trail in Rotorua, Hot X Buns. Plans are still coming together, but I will be enjoying this action some time in Jan 2014 as part of the Dirty Nomad summer tour. What makes this vid rad is one of the best mechanics you are likely to find (Mike Metz) on probably the best 27.5 trail bike on the planet (lets forget its the devil wheel size for a moment), the Santa Cruz Bronson. Mike knows a thing or two about building and riding a bike, as evidenced here:

I have now finished another Dirty W.O.R.K assignment to top up the DN fuel tank, following my usual pattern which is best summarised by this excellent process flow here, nod if you are familiar with this action:


This thought process may also apply to any form of bike racing…

On the excess front, there are plenty of examples to pick from here, but two of my favourites that have cropped up this week, first the Golden ATM… No shit:


I love Gooooold….

Just what I have always needed, some gold on the run… Presumably if you are into that sort of action you can also lay down a cool couple of million (or more) on this little number:


1000hp, 430kmph top speed… Why not?

I’m not a petrol head, but its not often you see one of these up close, so I of course had to do the cheesedick thing and take photos of it. The Teacher and I both agreed that if you were going to pay over $2m for a car, why the fuck you would get such a shit paint job? Money can’t buy taste it seems… Not to mention that for that coin you could buy 153 Cannondale Black Ops Evo’s, which would be a far better use of money. Your mates would be stoked too:


About a million times cooler than an overpriced cuntmobile

Back on to some Biking action, its a WOLF benefit to finish things off… Not content with getting his paws on a Santa Cruz Nomad and Little Red Riding Hood, he has also taken delivery of a new Cannondale Super X… A what? Yes, a Cyclocross bike! Never heard of Cyclocross before on this Blog… Well, that’s for a good reason. I am morally opposed to running with your bicycle, hence we don’t tend to endorse this behaviour here at DN.

But, when you have owned every type of bike there is to own, you some times need to branch out to feed the addiction, behold the Cannondale Super X:


Build faster stink eye, I have little pigs to chase down

Is it a Mountain Bike? A Road bike? A horrid hybrid bastard child? I am not sure how to describe it… But wolf assures me that you need to look past its mongrel frankenbike (the sequel) like appearance and respect its ability to “Cut through butter” or “Carve up road, gravel and mud” or impersonate a Flash Hardtail… So, in essence if you need a bike that’s a cross between a kitchen utensil and a Bobcat excavator then this may be the bike for you – Must also like running. First ride report indicated that it also has a super smooth ride, which is critical for Singapore roads. To be fair, I will look past the faux pas that its dripping in SHAM and compliment the fact that the frame does look beautiful, as you’d expect from a Carbon Cannondale.

As I keep one eye brow raised at this CX Bike business, we move to the other end of the spectrum and something far more palatable, here is Das Wolf in an action shot from the worlds flattest DH race on Sunday, one would marvel at the prodigious amount of sweating going on under those 661 Kneepads:


“I really wish I had finished the full body hair removal project….”

Tomorrow is another day on a plane, but its for a good cause, as soon the rest period is over and its time to get back on the bike! 1 ride in 3 weeks and I’m having more withdrawal than Naughty Nigella taking a day off the charlie, so can’t wait to get back into it!

Oh, sorry, I thought you meant you wanted a Coca Cola! My bad...

Oh, sorry, I thought you meant you wanted a Coca Cola! My bad…

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  1. Shep

    Nice to see Mikey carving up the trails. Don’t forget his offsider Rob is a demon mechanic as well!


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