A massive Dirty Merry Christmas everyone! A quick post today for obvious reason, backed up with some quick videos from the Herr Doktor’s shredding tour of Perth! Quick both in length as I know that everyone is time constrained today, but also in speed as the Dok drops the hammer in both and gaps me like I’m riding a trolley cart with a funky wheel.

John Forrest NP – Final DH

As you’ll see, a few hesitations vs. local knowledge + Dok’s good form and its an empty track in front of me! Given the rocky nature of the terrain I have gone with a ROCK soundtrack from the Slave… Doooosh!


Miss one ladder drop and the Dok is out of there faster than the M Falcon escaping yet another fucked up Death Star (can you imagine how much those things cost to build?! How do they fund that shit FFS?!)

Merry Christmas everyone! Smash those lunches, especially you climbers out there and have a safe one if you do go for a ride (baseline assumption is you lose some anatomy on the return home, so good luck with that).

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